The company will showcase its unique range of Lenstar™ lenticular products and innovations for offset and digital printing applications at Pamex 2011, the International Exhibition on Printing and Allied Machinery Industries, from 1 – 4 November.  

Lenstar™, designed by Pacur in Oshkosh, Wisconsin (USA), represents a 100% recyclable polymer technology that fits a niche market requested by creative agencies as well as commercial offset and digital printers.  

Daniel Pierret, Managing Director and founder of DPLenticular said, With an expected total of more than 30 000 visitors, we think Pamex is the best place to create more awareness for lenticular print in India. At drupa 2008, where we had our own booth in the Innovation Park and many Indian printers were particularly interested in lenticular printing. Since then, the demand for lenticular sheet material has grown steadily to the point where we are now looking into establishing our own local warehouse. This would not only shorten our delivery times, but thanks to an increased efficiency and cost saving, we could also make our pricing more competitive. And that off course is good news for the printers and their clients.

With India being one of the emerging economies and also one of the biggest film producers worldwide, the publicity and merchandising opportunities are enormous. Lenticular printing and in particular 3D images can be applied in many promotional and consumer applications such as POP designs, packaging, direct mail, promotional and various card formats. This is great news for the local printing industry in general as it creates new business opportunities. The company will showcase many lenticular print samples produced in offset, as well as in flexo print, including some posters produced on large format digital flat-bed inkjet presses. The latest developments in this field have led to tremendous quality improvements, making this technology very suited for lenticular printing.

Being at Pamex will also give us the opportunity to talk to many printers and get a good picture of the local market and their expectations, concluded Daniel Pierret. With over ten years of worldwide experience in lenticular print, I think we are well positioned to help and advise Indian printers in setting up and supporting them in their move to lenticular printing.