Dow Corning is introducing a range of innovative new release coatings and pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) at Labelexpo India 2012, taking place from 29 October to 1 November. The products are designed to help label and tape manufacturers improve performance, increase productivity, control costs and operate more sustainably, include new Syl-Off® Advantage Series coatings with flat release profiles, unique water-based solutions for coating films, and low-adhesion PSAs for protective films and tapes.

Dow Corning’s new Syl-Off® emulsion coatings for non-stick packaging provide a tough, durable and water-repellent surface for food-grade release and packaging paper applications. The coatings offer flat, stable release profiles and fast cure at low platinum levels, which can equal manufacturing cost-savings. The coatings can be applied to a variety of laminate and label stocks.

New thermal-cure silicone Syl-Off® emulsion coatings for films can help film coaters optimize their release performance, operate more profitably and reduce their reliance on solvent-based technology. These unique emulsions deliver low and stable release profiles that can add value to finished products. They also offer the potential for low coat weights and can be applied to PET either in-line or off-line.

With low and stable adhesion, optical transparency, and clean removal under challenging environmental and processing conditions, Dow Corning® 7651 Adhesive and Dow Corning® 7652 Adhesive support the creation of high-performance protective films for mobile device, touch-screen and flat-panel display applications. The adhesives also can be used to produce cost-saving, waste-reducing re-workable films and tapes.

Dow Corning® brand hard-coating solutions give surface-protection films greater durability and hardness while maintaining high transmittance. Designed for use on PET films, these innovative solutions offer superior anti-graffiti performance and ink repellency, plus better grease-removal capability. Dow Corning® hard coatings also provide superior water repellency and better mar resistance when compared to an acrylate coating on PET.