DataLase Launches Additional Coatings

DataLase Launches Additional Coatings

WBF-7101, a new coating from Datalase, offers a high contrast white-to-black colour change with a standard level of rub resistance and can be used for case coding applications in high humidity areas. It is ideal for a variety of applications including food and beverage and e-commerce on either brown or white paper and board substrates.

In addition, DataLase is launching high rub resistance variations: WBF-HR-7100 (clear-to-black colour change) and WBF-HR-7101 (white-to-black colour change) – which are designed for supply chain resilience, and therefore are ideally suited for industrial, construction or logistical applications.

Standard print and apply labels face several issues due to high humidity, which may include edges lifting or curling, making them liable to eventually fall off. Added moisture can also cause labels to fade quickly, rendering them useless, while ink may smudge or smear in high humidity conditions. All of this adds additional pressure to the supply chain due to product recall and rework.

DataLase WBF High Humidity Coatings address these challenges head-on. The coating formulations have been optimised to provide unsurpassed product stability and excellent flow properties in geographical areas where high humidity is present. Used in combination with an appropriate CO2 laser marking system, DataLase WBF High Humidity Coatings deliver important sustainability benefits by eliminating label backing waste and/or hazardous ink disposal from supply chains. Designed to be heat, moisture, scuff and high rub resistant, the coatings provide a stable image density that does not deteriorate.

Commenting on the release of the new coatings, DataLase’s CSMO, Paul Dustain said, ‘Given the success of our initial high humidity coating launch, these additional coatings represent the extent of our technical expertise in developing products to benefit those supply chains and production environments that operate in the most demanding of conditions.’


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