Baumer Hhs Underscores Market Position With Finishing Innovations

Baumer Hhs Underscores Market Position With Finishing Innovations

Baumer hhs recently showcased its range of finishing innovations, including its Xtend3 controllers, Box Monitoring systems and more. 

The Xtend3 controller’s information management function, with its extensive statistics, enables production managers to access process data right from their work stations. They have a complete overview of the level of quality being achieved in the gluing process and can use the compiled data for further optimisation.

Baumer hhs also offers a full range of products for adhesive application and quality assurance in flexo folder-gluers. Sophisticated products with short setup times help to meet the ever-more urgent demand for zero defects in packaging production. These practice-proven, non-contact gluing systems with water baths, achieve precision application from the first box. An MLT-40 contrast sensor or Xcam camera system then steps in to reliably verify the quality of application. The innovative Inverto gluing system offers two functions in one blank guide: non-contact glue application on both inner and outer flaps, and monitoring of glue application from both top and bottom. Each can be set up in less than a minute.

For machines with a gluing unit on one side, Baumer hhs offers a special solution that enables them to also produce boxes with outer flaps. With the camera-based Box Monitoring system, flexo folder-gluer production is on the safe side when it comes to slot depth measurement, register control and gap measurement. The system makes these parameters a reliable pillar of both quality and zero defect production. The patented GAP measurement system combines a high-resolution camera with a laser beam for reliable inspection of finished products upstream of the counting station. At the same time, the flexo folder-gluer’s production parameters can be continuously optimised during production based on the statistical data delivered by gap measurement. This avoids errors before they happen. 

In Baumer’s multipoint gluers, non-contact cold glue systems ensure precision glue application. The quality of application can optionally be monitored with sensors or, in the case of more complex requirements, high-performance Xcam camera systems. To avoid product mix-ups, the range of sensors includes code readers that initiate the ejection or marking of faulty boxes and therefore help to reach the goal of zero defect production. The Xmelt hot melt system, with its hot melt sensors, rounds out the portfolio for adhesive application in folder-gluers.

The company exhibited its solutions at CCE International 2019, from 12-14 March in Munich.


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