Art Center, Brazil, printed directly on 400 pizza crusts with the Inca Onset S20 and Inca Spyder 320 printers for its own promotional campaign. The pizza campaign earned Art Center a Special Award for Creativity and a runner-up in the Self-Promotional Targeted Campaign category in the Inca Digital Excellence Awards.

The campaign featured both an appetising topping printed directly on real pizza crust, the box, and even wraps for the delivery cars. Despite previous successful forays for clients with such unconventional print media, the company found an entirely new set of challenges intrinsic to everyone’s favourite Italian staple food.

The company began by ordering hundreds of naked pizza crusts. The doughy substrate, however, was not without its difficulties. When they began baking, the heat of the ovens, of course, created bubbles in the crust, said Jacques Pedrosa, Art Center’s Commercial Director. They overcame the challenge by pre-treating the crust. We had to bake each pizza under a heavy disk of MDF stabilising it, and making them as flat as possible. Then, we were able to print on them.

First, they printed pizza topping on paper to create a template so that each crust could be correctly positioned on the sheet. They created and used specialised frames to maintain each pizza’s position during printing. Afterwards, the pizzas were slipped into custom-designed and printed boxes (imaged on their Inca Onset S20) from La Pizza, an imaginary pizzeria of Art Center’s own creation. 

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