Xerox Software And Workflow Updates Ensure Enhanced Print Processes

Xerox Software And Workflow Updates Ensure Enhanced Print Process

Xerox’s AI-enabled media manager software enables high-quality images with minimal set-up and staff time, while automated workflow updates seamlessly print embellishments with FreeFlow Core 6.0.

AI-enabled media manager software: PredictPrint Media Manager Software is included with the Versant 4100 and can be added to Iridesse. By using artificial intelligence, the software automatically identifies the media being used and provides the correct press settings. Users simply scan a barcode, place the paper in a tray and use the set-up wizard to walk through optimising the system for that application.

FreeFlow® Core 6.0 automates the process of preparing a file to print and now includes the application of Beyond CMYK enhancements. FreeFlow Core uses pre-built workflows to seamlessly apply embellishments such as gold, silver, white, clear and fluorescents without changing the source file.

‘These new products and features represent the sweet spot of technology, where end-to-end solutions support our customers’ need to differentiate and expand their businesses in any economic environment,’ said Marybeth Gilbert, vice president and general manager, Production Business, Xerox. ‘Our customers know they can count on Xerox’s innovation in response to their business needs.’

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