Xeikon Announces Entry-Level Label Printing And Converting Solution


The Label Discovery solution consists of a Xeikon 3030, an entry-level web-fed digital label press and the new entryDcoat, a digital converting line that can be used inline or offline with the Xeikon 3030.

The Label Discovery solution is a turnkey label production system that provides everything needed to offer an expanded range of services to customers and to experience the benefits digital production can bring to businesses. In addition to enabling an affordable entry into this lucrative market, the Label Discovery solution is a platform that can be field upgraded in terms of productivity as the business grows, ensuring long-term viability of the investment. The new solution will be featured at the company’s booth at Labelexpo Americas, 25-27 September.

‘Although digital label printing has become a fast-growing mainstream business, some companies are still reluctant to invest in the technology – either due to the cost or lack of a truly professional-quality entry-level solution,’ said David Wilkins, Xeikon’s vice president of sales for the North American market. ‘The lower cost of the Xeikon Label Discovery solution enables these companies to embrace digital technology and capture a business potential that previously required a steep investment – the crucial business of producing short-run labels.’

The Xeikon 3030 digital label press is a dry toner solution ideal for producing labels for a broad range of applications using standard flexo materials. This avoids the need to use specially-treated substrates, and eliminates the associated warehousing costs. Its five-colour printing features CMYK and white or even a special spot or gamut-extending colour. Changing toner colours on the system is relatively easy, a clear benefit of dry toner compared to other printing technologies. In addition, dry toner is recognised as the best technology for food labels in terms of food safety due to its non-toxic nature. Xeikon dry toner has also received FDA certification for both indirect and direct food contact with dry food, which is unique in the digital landscape.

The entryDCoat is a compact converting unit which consists of a varnish, die-cut and rewind station. To limit startup and tooling costs, the die-cut unit uses semi-rotary die-cutting technology. This ensures the lowest cost converting without loss of productivity while still delivering the well-known quality of conventional die-cutting. With semi-rotary die-cutting, costs can be reduced by as much as 50% with no need to acquire special tools and no setup time as required with conventional die-cutting.

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