Xante Unveils ILUMINA HWC Digital Print System with PlateMaker 7


Xante unveiled the ILUMINA Heavyweight Champion (HWC) Digital Print System with PlateMaker 7 Inside, a brand new polyester CTP solution. Designed for small commercial printers and print shops, this solution is low cost, high quality and chemical free. The best part is that it’s all contained WITHIN the HWC Heavyweight Champion.

• Heavy card stocks up to 500gsm (24 pt).
• Includes iQueue Ultimate RIP workflow.
• Sheet sizes from 76mm x 127mm (3” x 5”), up to 330 mm x 1321mm (13” x 52”).
• Plate Linescreen/resolution: up to 150+ LPI /1200dpi.
• Plate run length: >20000 Impressions.
• Print full colour flyers, brochures, envelopes, mailers and cards, product packaging, POP displays, table tents, door hangers, menus, oversized banners (up to 13” x 52”) and now, quality polyester plates. 

The HWC Heavyweight Champion with PlateMaker 7 CTP System is the affordable solution that allows you to produce high quality, high resolution polyester plates without processing or chemicals. The complete solution features the iQueue Ultimate Workflow that automates prepress production and streamlines the entire platemaking process.

True Adobe Postscript 3 offers reliability, increased performance, and the assurance of compatibility to work from virtually any software application and hardware environment.

The patented Accurate Calibration Technology gives you precise control over horizontal and vertical dimensions on page images, ensuring unmatched output accuracy.

Now you can calibrate plate output to match production needs. Use the automated Quick Calibration, or the Advanced Calibration feature which allows you to fine tune the HWC Heavyweight Champion with PlateMaker 7 to your specific environment.

The non-Electrostatic Plates support chemical-free plate making using Myriad 2 polyester plates, making computer to plate printing more cost effective and less time consuming.

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