Vivid Extends Digital Cutter Range For Labels And More

Vivid Extends Digital Cutter Range For Labels And More

VeloBlade Volta gives users the ability to cut anything from kiss cut labels up to 10mm thickness. Available in two sizes, 600mm x 400mm and 600mm x 900mm, the Volta range comprises four systems: VeloBlade Volta 64, VeloBlade Volta 69, VeloBlade Volta 64+ and VeloBlade Volta 69+.

The key difference in these systems is that the + range has a cut depth of up to 10mm with optional oscillating tool, whereas the standard Volta 64 and 69 cut up to 2mm. All of these systems give users the ability to completely automate their production.

With 150mm of auto-feed sheet capacity as well as roll fed functionality, the Volta systems are designed to give users the best possible finishes, efficiently and cost-effectively. The fully automated workflow provides exactly that with its barcode reader, meaning Volta will even support multiple jobs at once, freeing operators up to work on other projects.

With a selection of tools that enable users to create unique and intricate products, without the expensive costs of traditional dies, VeloBlade Volta gives businesses the freedom to create by enabling them to work with stocks such as label, paper, card, KT board, Foamex and much more.


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