Trotec Introduces ProMarker Series


Trotec has introduced the ProMarker Series of high-speed laser marking machines. The series has been developed to serve the demands of commercial customers who wish to laser-mark a large number of parts within the shortest time.

DirectMark software, which is included in all systems, makes your marking laser is as easy to use as an office printer. Using its vectorising function, you can send the files from your usual graphics program directly to the laser machine for marking. No intermediate step is required and work preparation is reduced to a minimum. The software is designed to simplify the operation of your laser. It can be used to control all laser functions via the computer and set all parameters. Constant communication between the SpeedMark software and the laser ensure a smooth working process.

ProMarker 100

The laser class four system ProMarker 100 offers maximum flexibility concerning part sizes. The fibre laser marks every piece made of metal or plastic. The system includes a robust Z-post or, as an option, an electrical Z-axis for precise focusing.

ProMarker 300

The ProMarker 300 combines all advantages of galvo marking with the smallest footprint. With the innovative laser software DirectMark working just like a printer driver, you can mark directly from any graphics, CAD or label printing software. You can mark your own components, produce type plates or create professional presents and give aways.

The ProMarker is particularly suitable for the economical marking of large quantities of small- to medium-sized parts. Due to the easy-to-use software, the marking of codes, serial numbers, decorative markings such as logos, graphics and even photos on metals and many sorts of plastics, is an easy task.

To fulfil every customer’s requirements, Trotec offers a broad range of configurations and options, for example: different power levels, a rotary engraving unit with different chucks or a focus finder for easy focusing without extra equipment.

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