Totem Maximises Quality With Second Screen Truepress

Totem Maximises Quality With Second Screen Truepress.
Pawel Szpil and Jolanta Kurowiak, Reprograf S.A; Michal Rejnowski,; Takanori Kakita and Patrick Jud, Screen Europe.

According to Michal Rejnowski, CEO, its initial investment in Screen technology was due to needing of a top-quality inkjet press that would meet the growing market demand for short-run book printing. The Truepress Jet520HD exceeded expectations, giving ideal printouts – equivalent to the print quality of offset presses – and, with rising demand, the company was keen to invest in a second machine, a Screen Truepress Jet520HD+.

‘Essentially, the purchase of a second Screen press means that we will be prepared to meet increased demand with rapid turnarounds – essential to keep our customers returning. We can also continue to print on the range of standard offset media that our customers are used to. This means there are no drawbacks to choosing digital,’ he said

A user of Screen SC inks, has been able to maximise the exceptional quality already available on its Truepress Jet520HD and print on a wide range of paper stocks, including standard offset coated stocks, without the need for pre-treatment.

Jolanta Kurowiak, president and owner, Reprograf S.A., (Screen’s Polish reseller) said, ‘ approached us with a view to purchase a Screen Truepress Jet520HD+ and we were not surprised. The benefits from the first installation were clear to see and we are more than happy to continue to facilitate this fruitful business relationship.’

This announcement reinforces the recent news that 100 units of the Screen Truepress Jet520HD and Truepress Jet520HD+ have now been shipped worldwide.

The Truepress Jet520HD+ with the integrated NIR Dryer, is a high-definition inkjet web press. It provides a true print resolution of 1200 dpi and precise droplet size control at up to 150 metres per minute. The press is fully integrated with Screen’s workflow software, EQUIOS, including accurate imposition and consistent colour management, across different output devices from the same user interface – essential for multiple printers.

Rejnowski added, ‘The newly acquired printing system is a landmark purchase for our company and signifies our confidence in digital book printing. The second press will be used for colour printing on coated media and as support for the more demanding monochrome printing orders. Our relationship with Screen moves from strength-to-strength and this latest acquisition is fine proof of that.’


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