Toppan Rolls Out Eco-Friendly Packaging Films

Toppan Rolls Out Eco-Friendly Packaging Films

With growing attention on the problem of plastic waste, there is heightened demand for more eco-friendly packaging. Numerous global companies are taking measures towards targets for better circulation of containers and packaging, and efforts to drive recycling by adopting mono-material structures are gaining pace around the world.

Schemes for the recovery and recycling of polyethylene (PE) are starting to be seen in the U.S. and polypropylene (PP) is regarded as a recyclable material in Europe and other regions. Toppan has responded to these trends by driving the shift to mono-material functional packaging.

Toppan Printing has announced that subsidiary Toppan USA, Inc. (Toppan USA) has completed preparations for the production and supply of polyethylene and biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) based additions to its series of GL BARRIER transparent vapour-deposited barrier films. Full-scale sales of PE-based ‘GL-LE-G’ and BOPP-based ‘GL-LP-G’ have been launched. Toppan can now offer GL BARRIER films with polyethylene terephthalate (PET), PE and BOPP substrates to facilitate a full range of functional and mono-material packaging.

Samples of GL-LE-G and GL-LP-G have been made available to selected customers around the world since late 2019 under the provisional names GL-X-LE and GL-X-LP-G, and extensive assessments have been conducted to confirm their performance and market viability. With GL-LE-G, Toppan has employed its advanced processing technology to overcome the difficulty of vapour deposition on PE and create the world’s first transparent vapour-deposited barrier film with a PE substrate. GL-LP-G, meanwhile, achieves the world’s highest level barrier performance for a BOPP film. Both films demonstrate outstanding processability for printing and lamination with other materials, making them suitable for a wide range of purposes.


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