Thunderbolt Solutions Announces Partnership With Bridge And Plate Sleeves Provider

Thunderbolt Solutions Announces Partnership With Bridge And Plate Sleeves Provider

Tech Sleeves offers fully customisable bridge and plate sleeves for the global flexographic printing industry, striving to increase printing quality and overall efficiency by creating products that use the strongest materials that outlast other sleeve solutions. Tech Sleeves and Thunderbolt have proudly announced their partnership. 

Thunderbolt Solutions represents some of the world’s leading brands in South Africa in the commercial print and the packaging markets. With 20+ years of experience in the South African market, Thunderbolt Solutions is a reliable partner that shares the same passion for innovation, disruptive technology and world-class service excellence as Tech Sleeves.

Martijn Otten, Managing Director of Tech Sleeves said, ‘We are very proud to announce our cooperation with Thunderbolt. Together we want to ensure growth and prosperity for our South African customers while providing the highest quality sleeves and bridges to one of the biggest markets in Africa.’

‘Tech Sleeves is a new global leader for consumables in the South African market. Offering these high quality sleeves would be a beneficial add on in our product range. We are extremely proud to be their local partner in the South African market,’ added Jason Gould, Sales and Customer Relations at Thunderbolt Solutions South Africa.

Nick Vietnieks, Tech Sleeves General Manager said, ‘One of the main reasons for Tech Sleeves to start local partnerships is to provide local service and knowledge. Due to the sheer size and complexity of every single market, it has always been very important to build strong local partnerships to help us increase our network and customer base. We have reached another milestone for Tech Sleeves’ growth in South-Africa and the Sub-Saharan Africa region as a whole.’

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