Tecnau Unveils Revolution 50 Series For High-Speed Colour Inkjet Printers


The first member of the Revolution 50 family is the new Stack 5250 system for cutting and stacking continuous inkjet-printed output. Featuring the double-cutting Cutter c52, Tecnau’s Stack 5250 accommodates the broad range of papers and heavy ink coverages.

High-speed handling of delicate graphic arts work requires a stable web of paper with minimal touchpoints. The taut-web Stack 5250 never lets go of the web, minimising friction on the printed surface. Stack 5250’s Stacker s50 module produces 1-up, 2-up, 2-up merged or 3-up stacks, featuring a patented ‘gripper’ technology for reliable, damage-free handling of high-value print. North/south job setting ensures high-speed operation even for consecutive small set/book-block jobs.

Stack 5250 features next-generation controls for compatibility with the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT). The system includes natural-language error reporting on the user screen and onboard diagnostics to help keep the system up and running. IoT options are being introduced for remote monitoring and diagnostics, automatic software updates and preventive maintenance aids.

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