Taopix will unveil its HTML5-based online designer for photobook and photo gifts at PRINT 13, taking place from 8-12 September in Chicago.

The company arranged an internal launch programme at their UK Head Quarters in Newcastle upon Tyne, which was attended by all of their global employees. Speaking there about the new product, James Gray, CEO and Founder of Taopix said, We’ve spent the last 18 months developing and testing this brand new browser-based editor. We’ve involved our entire core team of developers, as well as UX specialists and marketing, all working to ensure that what we build is the very best solution for our customers – featuring everything they’ve come to expect from our world-leading platform and then some. We’ve spent time finding out what really works for both our customers and their customers and what just doesn’t when it comes to online. We’ve also focussed heavily on the end user, ensuring their online experience is as easy to use and intuitive as possible from start to finish.’

When asked why Taopix, who are offering Taopix Online alongside their existing world leading desktop based designer solution, have chosen now to bring out an online solution, Gray said, ‘Previously, the technology available did not lend itself well to online photo personalisation. With the advent of HTML5 this has all changed. Taopix Online uses the latest and greatest technology that’s proven to work well for creating photo gift products online. HTML5 has allowed us to build a slick interface, which works well across a range of devices, including iPad and Android. This means that a consumer could start a photo project on their laptop at work, save it, then go home and continue to work on it on their iPad. HTML5 is now widely embraced within the tech community, it’s robust and it’s future-proof too.