Taghleef Industries Launching Sustainable Film Solutions


NATIVIA D813 is the first bio-based and biodegradable I-IML film on the market and complements Taghleef Industries (Ti’s) wide range of IML BoPP films. This polylactic acid (PLA) film is designed to run on reel-to-sheet offset printing machines, achieving good printing speed and excellent ink adhesion.

These features make NATIVIA D813 a unique film that meets the growing demand for bioplastic-based containers that can be decorated with I-IML technology. Another film that meets the principles of Circular Economy is the ultra-clear floatable SHAPE360 TDS. This low-density TD shrink sleeve label film minimises the impact on PET recycling systems and reduces the weight of the label. The exceptional shrink curve guarantees up to 65% shrinkage, offering the freedom to fully decorate containers in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and the potential for 360° eye-catching label graphics.

Ti has enlarged its pressure sensitive label (PSL) portfolio with an innovative range of BBP-free top coated films with extra features to enhance film performance. One of these is PPGP, a multilayer film that has a proprietary skin providing highly compatible and superior PSA receptivity. Ti’s top coating ensures excellent print performance and superior graphics utilising a variety of printing processes. PPGP is an integrated product designed for repositionable, removable, or ultra-removable applications.

These films can be seen at Labelexpo Europe 2019.

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