Sun Chemical Security Launches Latest Portfolio


Sun Chemical Security, a newly formed division of Sun Chemical focusing on security printing, has announced that it will launch its latest portfolio of infrared inks for banknote printing. This includes new products all with infrared capabilities for current and future sensor and validation technology.

Sun Chemical Security will use the upcoming African Currency Forum 2-5 September 2018 in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe for its launch. The products are a combination of infrared visible and invisible inks for banknote validation. The pigments have been developed to include specific properties within the infrared pigment that can be used with bill validators to ensure banknotes are more secure during transactions when used with third party machines.

The spectral properties of the new products mean that they work with current and next generation optical sensor technology, so when banks look to update their currency, due to advances in counterfeiting, or a new design, by using this latest range from Sun Chemical Security, the notes will be protected.

The pigments used within the products themselves are fairly light, which means that there is a greater colour gamut available to the banknote designer. They also have a very low concentration so can be incorporated into any offset ink, giving designers the flexibility for the final design.

Stefaan D’hoore, business development director, Northern Europe, Sun Chemical commented, ‘These latest products in our Security division demonstrate that we are innovating and bringing new products to the market following our acquisition of Luminescence, earlier this year. The advantage for banks and printers using this technology is that the existing currency can be updated today with no changes required to the current validation systems. However, the infrared pigment can also be used with new, more complex sensor technology in the future, so when new validation software is available, manufacturers can integrate this into their upgraded systems.’

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