Solimar Systems Releases Latest Versions Of Dashboard Platforms

Solimar Systems Releases Latest Versions Of Dashboard Platforms

The latest SOLitrack™ and SOLsearcher™ Enterprise versions, which are document access, tracking, reporting and visibility dashboard platforms, support OpenID® Connect™ and secure Single Sign-On (SSO) for integration with third-party authentication services.

The benefits of Piece Level Tracking (PLT) extend beyond transactional mail (such as statements and invoices) to other increasingly personalised content such as customised books and catalogues. Companies in the labels and packaging market can also reap benefits as the industry trends towards increased personalisation and, therefore, requires a more complex and precise workflow management solution.

SOLitrack 2.5 and SSE 4.0 easily incorporate into systems providing access to external users. By supporting OpenID Connect Authentication, SOLitrack and SSE allow users to authenticate using third-party authentication services like Google. This OpenID Connect support complements existing LDAP and private registration features in the products.

SOLitrack and SSE simultaneously support production and customer service workflows, as well as B2B and B2C access. Open ID Connect support expands the options users have for deploying these systems in multi-tenant environments.

SOLitrack 2.5 also includes additional reporting capabilities. ‘We’re excited to offer this new functionality to our global customers,’ added Mary Ann Rowan, Chief Experience Officer, Solimar Systems. ‘We strive to ensure our solutions are intuitive, off-the-shelf configurable, and need little to no professional services. With the latest updates, SOLitrack and SOLsearcher are accessible to a wide range of print environments where tracking digital and/or physical content is critical.’


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