Screenline South Africa Scoops Special Effect Printing FESPA Award


South African-based company, Screenline, was honoured with a FESPA 2015 Bronze award in the category of Special Effect Printing (special effect screen printed over offset, digital or screen printed images and other innovative applications). FESPA revealed the winners of its 2015 Awards at its Gala Celebration Dinner held at Flora Köln, Cologne, Germany on 19 May.

The FESPA awards celebrate print excellence and are renowned across the industry for their outstanding recipients, impartially judged by industry experts who in turn have contributed significant advances to the techniques and technology across the industry.

Screenline has been a manufacturer of screen printed advertising since 1971, specialising in outdoor and indoor screen and digital advertising solutions. The company currently holds four of the largest automatic screen printing machines in South Africa.

The full results of the FESPA 2015 Awards are as follows:
Category 1 – Point of Purchase Products – Paper and Board 
Gold       PilloPak BV – ALLISON Board (Netherlands)                             
Silver      Next Printing (Australia)                                                      
Silver      Hecht Zebra (Belgium)
Bronze    PilloPak BV – ALLISON Board (Netherlands)
Bronze    DS Smith Display (UK)
Bronze    Constantin SAS (France)
Category 2 – Point of Purchase Products – Plastics
Gold         Midi Print LLC (Russia)
Silver       HQprint (Germany)
Bronze     Neat Graphics (India)
Category 3 – Posters, single sheets & multi-sheets
Gold         Kumazawa Screen Printing, Inc. (Japan)
Silver       Spectrum Scan (India)
Silver       Novalia Limited (UK)
Bronze     Marvel Graphic Studio (India)
Category 4 – Calendars, Postcards, Greetings and Christmas Cards
Gold         Atelier fuer Siebdruck (Switzerland)
Silver       Midi Print LLC (Russia)  
Bronze     PASJA (Poland)
Bronze     Kumazawa Screen Printing, Inc. (Japan)
Category 5 – Original Serigraphies and Giclées

Gold         Atelier fuer Siebdruck (Switzerland)                       
Silver       Marvel Graphic Studio (India)
Bronze     Kroma SA (France)
Bronze     Peterka Siebdruck AG (Switzerland)
Category 6 – Fine Art
Gold         Kumazawa Screen Printing, Inc.  (Japan)   
Gold         Atelier fuer Siebdruck (Switzerland)                       
Silver       The Print House Group (UK)
Bronze    Studio Reya (Russia)
Bronze    Marvel Graphic Studio (India)
Category 7 – OOH and Vehicle Decals
Gold     PressOn Limited (UK)
Silver    Digital Plus Ltd (UK)
Siver   Aura Graphics Ltd (UK)
Bronze Print Works (UAE)
Category 8 – Special Effect Printing
Gold     Midi Print LLC (Russia)
Silver   High Level Signs (Brazil)
Silver   ATC GROUPE (France)
Silver    Perfect Packaging (India)
Bronze   Debi Keable Artist (UK)
Bronze   Screenline Pty Ltd  (South Africa)
Category 9 – Special Effect Garment Printing
Gold A-Design LLC (Russia)
Silver     Studio Reya (Russia)
Silver    Tarun Printing Works (India)
Bronze Studio Reya (Russia)
Bronze Esanastri SRL (Italy)
Category 10 – T-shirts
Gold        Sincerely Screen Co.,Ltd. (Thailand)
Silver       Tobex AB (Sweden)
Silver        A-Design LLC (Russia)
Bronze     Pramukh Embroidery (India)
Bronze     Dipner’s Studio (Kazahkstan)
Category 11 + 12 – Pennants, Banners and Tapestries and Roll to Roll Printed Textile
Gold         Forest Digital (UK)
Silver       Fibertex (Belgium)
Category 13 – Glass & Ceramic
Gold        EuropTec AG (Switzerland)
Silver       Atelier fuer Siebdruck (Switzerland)
Bronze     Om Decals (India)
Category 14 + 15 – Metal & Wood Products and Direct Printing on 3D Products
Gold        TS Visuals (Netherlands)
Silver        Kroma SA (France)
Bronze      Kroma SA (France)
16 – Miscellaneous
Gold        Simoldes Plasticos SA (Portugal)
Gold        Esanastri SRL (Italy)
Silver       Protolab Electro Technologies (India)
Cross Media Print Campaign
Gold   Molca Sports & Events SL (Spain).

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