Screen Solution Boosts Production For Label Specialist

Screen Solution Boosts Production For Label Specialist

The machine’s speed is one of many reasons Italian label specialist Neri Group chose the Screen Truepress L350 SAI E. With the installation, Neri Labels has enhanced its digital printing possibilities, adding a more competitive and flexible offering for short print runs in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and detergents.

‘The Screen Truepress L350 SAI E will become a cornerstone for the Neri Group,’ said Chief Operating Officer Massimo Cungi. ‘This is our first printer with digital inkjet technology, and it will boost our effectiveness and flexibility in the growing digital market.’

‘The machine has a print range of up to 330mm, with speeds of up to 60 metres per minute. The time of changing and resetting the machine is zero, as there’s no need to clean the SAI in-between two jobs,’ said Cungi.

Combined with the flexibility of the printable band width, this enables Neri Group to optimise both small and big batches. ‘We can offer competitive prices to our customers,’ said Cungi. ‘This may include a small test round in a new market a customer is exploring, or printing 10 different country-specific labels for the same product,’ he said.

Cungi pointed to the machine’s many benefits. ‘The SAI E uses inks of the highest quality with a coverage and natural scratch resistance comparable to screen printing. The machine can print on all substrates, from coated to film, without the need to prime the surface. We can adjust the amount of ink to create graphic effects that cannot be reached with other printing technologies. Finally, the colours of the SAI have remarkable brilliance, reaching a wider range of Pantone colours and making a superior visual impact.’

The Screen Truepress L350 SAI E’s relatively low environmental impact was another important factor in supporting Neri Group’s choice. The machine allows for a significant reduction in colour and solvents waste by optimising use of these products, as well as minimising raw material waste.


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