Scodix Customer Creates Award-Winning Projects


Barely six months after installing their Scodix Ultra 101 press in May last year, PBI was rewarded three times in the 14th annual Canadian Printing Awards (CPAs) — a Gold in the Marketing Collateral category; two Silvers in the Self Promotion, Printing Company category, and then again in the Specialty Effects category.

‘At PBI, as our motto emphasises, ‘We are committed to going the extra mile, continuously delivering above and beyond expectations… always!’ And to meet these high standards, we have fused the best people with the most sophisticated and productive tools,’ noted PBI President and CEO Len Larose. ‘When we first saw the Scodix systems in action at DSCOOP, it became apparent their quality, reliability and capabilities were in line with our production requirements.

‘Since May, we’ve not only developed award-winning projects (including our own marketing materials to promote our new-found abilities), we’ve converted jobs that were traditionally outsourced into internal profit generators. Our clients are very excited about Scodix digital enhancements, especially the foiling and raised embossed print, and it’s constantly attracting new business. I also credit our staff, who have injected unparalleled creativity into each project. And, as for quality, we’ve yet to have to offer even one reprint since we added Scodix.’

The Scodix Ultra 101 is an affordable digital enhancement press designed for commercial offset and HP Indigo presses. This dynamic press produces unmatched quality – on time and on budget. The Scodix Ultra 101 press also supports up to six different Scodix applications including variable data, foiling, Scodix Metallic, Scodix Cast&Cure, Scodix Glitter and Scodix Sense raised printing enhancements, adding exponential digital value to standard 2D prints.

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