RISO has introduced the industry’s first complete cut-sheet In-line Print-to-Mail Solution at Print 13, which is taking place from 8-12 September in Chicago. 

The solution is comprised of a new RISO ComColor 9150 or 7150 printer and the new Wrapping Envelope Finisher which automatically addresses, folds, envelopes, and seals printed documents into ready-to-mail completed jobs in a single compact unit. The RISO Wrapping Envelope Finisher can produce up to 2 200 completed pieces of mail every hour.

The RISO Wrapping Envelope Finisher features include:

  • Automatically Print, Fold, Insert, and Seal. Up to six tri-folded letter-sized pages or four quad-folded legal-sized pages can be wrapped and sealed in a single pass, producing a professionally finished mail piece.
  • Secure and Confidential Printing. The RISO In-line Print to Mail Solution eliminates the need for barcoding and intelligent inserters.
  • Professional Productivity. The RISO Wrapping Envelope Finisher is engineered with high-volume output as a critical feature. At speeds up to 2 220 single page insert fully-wrapped and sealed mail pieces per hour, the industry’s first complete In-line Print-to-Mail Solution is ideal for all production environments.

The company also showcased the new ComColor X1 Series of high-speed, full-colour inkjet printers. The RISO ComColor Accessories elevate the ComColor X1 Series printers from digital presses to near-complete production departments. From paper feeding, stapling, punching, and binding, to multi-functioning finishing each is engineered to minimise direct labour costs while maximising productivity.

  • High Capacity Stacker. With less call for removal of printed output, personnel are free to be more productive in other areas. This option allows stacking of larger output volumes, and the stacker cart neatly and easily transports finished prints.
  • Compact Stapling and Offset Stacking. The Face Down Offset Stapler complies with the print speed of 150 sheets per minute. This option is exclusively for offset stacking and stapling printed output. Combined with the Scanner HS5000 option, this configuration is ideal for office production departments such as MarCom and internal copy centres.
  • Multifunction Finisher II: This finishing option offers stapling of up to 100 sheets, hole punching in various international formats, inward and outward folding, and a feature for booklet making which can automate saddle stitch stapling of up to 60 pages or 15 sheets. For many operations, the Multifunction Finisher is a complete finishing department.
  • Scanner HS5000. Combined with the auto feeder, users can automate scanning of double-sided originals of up to 100 sheets of paper at a time. Documents can be quickly and easily copied, scanned and stored in PDF, TIFF, and JPEG formats for archiving and job management.