Ricoh SA will launch TotalFlow DocEnhancer in South Africa later this year following the launch in Europe at the end of 2012.

TotalFlow DocEnhancer is a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat X Pro that enables print businesses to offer new services, such as document re-engineering and cross-media marketing, to satisfy customers who need to make last-minute changes to PDF files as part of their Adobe PDF workflow process.

Print service providers are always looking for new business opportunities and TotalFlow DocEnhancer gives them a simple and intuitive tool to index data in the document for precise tracking and control of personalised, direct mail applications, said Vaughan Patterson, sales manager for the production printing business group at Ricoh SA. TotalFlow DocEnhancer complements Ricoh’s broad portfolio of TotalFlow software and services, which is designed to help professional printing businesses improve efficiencies, grow page volume, and assist them with moving up the value chain with their clients.

TotalFlow DocEnhancer features technological innovations originally developed for InfoPrint Process Director and used by high-end data centres and transactional printers with continuous feed production. Its affordability and ease of use mean that print service providers and corporate print rooms can be operational quickly to offer personalised printing and digital mailing services, and accurately batching PDF documents for print, e-mail and SMS.

As print service providers seek to grow and expand their businesses, the more traditional processes to manage mailing may not always provide the speed, efficiency and personalisation required.  TotalFlow DocEnhancer will integrate seamlessly with production processes to provide a flexible and responsive way to manage multiple channel mailings on behalf of their clients, said Benoit Chatelard, general manager, Solutions, Production Printing Business Group, Ricoh Europe. 

Imagine, the PDF files are ready to go to print but then the client needs to add a QR code onto the direct mail piece. Or, they need to make a last minute change to an image on a statement. Or, the address block doesn’t line up accurately with the envelope window. These situations, and many others, can be quickly rectified as TotalFlow DocEnhancer enables print service providers to make necessary edits quickly and easily, without recomposing the file, without involving the design department, without coding, scripting or other technical expertise. Above all, there’s no need to miss important deadlines. It’s an important extension to our TotalFlow software suite.


Make simple, yet powerful, changes to print-ready PDFs quickly and easily.

  • Adds page- and document-level barcodes to preview without printing to help ensure complete output integrity for a wide variety of complex, data-driven applications.
  • Saves time as documents can be changed without returning them to the design department or to the client.
  • Makes it easy to find separate documents and pages within a multi-page and multi- document PDF file.
  • Allows print service providers to pull out data, such as address information, account information or other text in order to expand capabilities into highly personalised direct mail and possibly even critical communications.
  • Permits users to hide unwanted data or add images and text.