Sappi Paper and Paper Packaging launched the new-look Typek brand and website. The new identity gives Typek a vibrant personality and consumers can create positive associations beyond the product features and functions. The use of the green colour and the descriptive environmental icons make it easier for consumers to visibly identify the Typek product with being a responsible and sustainable paper product.

In a market confused by imported products that either do not meet credible environmental standards or serve to export jobs from South Africa to other countries, Sappi wants to make sure that consumers know that they can continue to trust the Typek brand, first launched in 1938, to provide them with a sustainable, responsible and reliable range of locally produced products. The new wrapper material is not only designed with visual appeal and to protect the integrity of the product, but is also recyclable and biodegradable. 

Market research highlighted the fact that consumers increasingly identify with environmental endorsements used on packaging when making their paper purchases, said Alex Thiel, Chief Executive Officer, and Sappi Southern Africa. By incorporating a value statement on the reams in ‘customer friendly’ visual language, consumers can be assured of Sappi’s commitment to minimise our impact on the environment. Our trees are grown to be harvested so that we can create value-adding products from them. Paper remains a versatile product and offers us a sensory experience matched by no other medium.

Typek is a multi-purpose product suitable for use in inkjet and laser printers, photocopiers and fax machines. The Typek range consists of Typek White, Typek 50% Recycled, Typek Tints, Typek White Board and Typek pastel rainbow packs and is sold at retailers, stationers, paper merchants and convenience stores. 

Typek is produced locally at Enstra Mill in Springs and is ISO accredited and FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council™) certified, meaning that the woodfibre used is sourced from well managed and responsible sources. By buying a locally manufactured paper, consumers can reduce their carbon footprint and help to sustain local job opportunities, said Thiel.

Sappi’s Earth Kind mark is a fresh visible, simple and relevant icon that captures the essence of Sappis (and Typek brand’s) approach to sustainability and corporate citizenship.  The Earth Kind symbol is a heart symbolising humanity, placed inside an orb shape that depicts the earth, encompassing nature and the people who inhabit it. It represents Sappi’s journey as a profitable company delivering value to its stakeholders and communities while minimising its impacts on the environment.  

Visit the stand alone Typek website which features information about the entire Typek range: