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The latest edition of Africa Print Journal is online. In this issue, we review the recent Africa Print Expo, held at Gallagher Convention Centre from 13-15 September, which was a major success.

Other features in this issue:

Calculating cost per printed page

It’s the thing that appears to matter most for companies considering an investment into digital printing, be they printers or print buyers. It’s the primary reason why offset continues to command such a healthy lead over digital printing. But calculating the cost per printed page is also the thing that is least understood and most fraught with ambiguity. If we are to fully understand the environmental aspects associated with print so that we can mitigate their impacts, we need a common basis for calculating cost per page.

Food and beverage label printing : what you need to know

Not one label is the same, different applications require different digital technologies, which is precisely why printing is such an exciting business. Whether it is for pharma, wine and spirits, beer, durables, health and beauty, industrial chemicals or beverages, every label comes with its own aesthetic and functional requirements.

Print and paper remain strong 

As digital information gains momentum in the 21st century, popular opinion suggests that print is under threat. However, the results of an international survey by Two Sides provides insight into just how print and paper is viewed, preferred and trusted by consumers around the globe.

Don’t listen so you can talk, listen so you can learn 

Customer service is all about listening. According to Bernard Ferrari, author of Power Listening: Mastering the Most Critical Business Skill of All, good listening is the key to developing fresh insights and ideas that fuel success.

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