Pyrotec PackMark, the brand within Pyrotec that supplies world-class coding and labelling equipment, has released its Markem-Imaje SmartLase C150 and C350 Laser Coders. Laser coding is currently the only permanent coding solution for producing date and batch codes, ensuring complete traceability. A key advantage of this option is that it eliminates the need for messy and expensive consumables. However, the primary benefit of the C150 and C350 is its impressive 99.6% availability ratio.

A major challenge faced by manufacturers is procuring a reliable, high-performance coder that keeps production ticking away like clockwork. Demanding production lines place immense strain on coders, resulting in the line grinding to a halt while worn parts are replaced. Ensuring optimal production uptime is a priority for manufacturers, as a disappointing bottom line can often largely be attributed to a slow production line that incurs a lot of hiccups along the way. A smooth, seamless and efficient production line ultimately means lower operating and labour costs for the manufacturer.

The unavailability of a coder refers to the proportion of a timespan that a system is unavailable or offline. This is usually a result of the system failing to function because of an unplanned event, or due to routine maintenance. With the C150 and C350, manufacturers can be assured of a reliable, high-performance laser that is able to cope with even the most demanding production lines, said Brandon Pearce, General Manager of Pyrotec PackMark.

The SmartLase C150, C350 and C350L have been specifically configured for the food industry, and are well-equipped to code paper-based containers or packages such as those used in frozen food, confectionary or dried process goods. These coders increase the character printing capacity of one code from 30 to 120 characters. For the beverage industry, the C150S and C350S are specifically designed to code PET bottles and increase the output rates from 1200 to 1800 bottles per minute. The C350 is also ideal for coding labels.

Key benefits of the C150 and C350:

  • Performance: Massive increase in output rates for the beverage and food industries, with a 99.6% availability ratio in even the most demanding production lines. The coders also have a standard IP55 dust and humidity protection rating. The coders can operate in environments of up to 45°C due to optimised cooling flows and no plant air is required for cooling.
  • Versatility: The coders’ unique modular design allows for efficient integration in all production lines. The C150 and C350 are compatible with a wide range of accessories, including a fume extractor, guarding tunnel and alarm beacon.
  • User-friendly: The intuitive touch screen user interface reduces the need for operator training and human error.
  • Reliability: The coders are available with a standard two year warranty. The coders also boast a 30% extended lifetime.
  • Environmentally conscious: The coders are produced from over 80% recycled materials and eliminate the need for consumables.

Outage duration eats away at profit margins and it was therefore vital for us to be able to offer our customers a product that would ensure that this occurrence was drastically reduced. I firmly maintain that the Markem-Imaje SmartLase C150 and C350 Laser Coders are two of the most reliable, high-performance coders currently available on the market, said Pearce.