PrintVis Announces New Print Software

PrintVis Announces New Print Software

PrintVis 19 features a new integration with the latest Kodak Prinergy Cloud portfolio service, Dynamic Print Planning.

Kodak Dynamic Print Planning enables users to automate ganging and print planning in offset and digital printing. DPP suggests when and how print jobs are produced on which Cost Centre. Its top priority is meeting required delivery dates, and its second priority is cost minimisation over an entire pool of orders.

PrintVis RapidStart is an add-on to the RapidStart Services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It is designed to shorten deployment times, improve quality of implementation, introduce a repeatable approach to implementations and enhance productivity by automating and simplifying recurring tasks.

The company has made another series of improvements to the PrintVis side of RapidStart, to increase efficiency by eliminating repeated steps during set-up. PrintVis RapidStart is designed to move a new implementation to its fine-tuning stage as quickly as possible.

Enhanced estimation automation: PrintVis now provides better support for optimal machine and substrate selection when creating an estimate.

Reporting Enhancements: new fields have been added to the company’s standard reports, such as invoices, job costing and cutting tickets. For example, comments from the shop floor are now available on the job costing report, which will be quite helpful if a job has run more slowly than estimated – the press operator’s description of the problem is right there on the report.


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