Printing SA Announces New Appointment

Danielle Arendorf, Printing SA.

Danielle Arendorf has been appointed as the new Chamber Manager for the Cape region as from 1 August 2020. She is well placed to continue giving member companies all the consultancy and other support they have come to expect from Printing SA’s offices in the Cape.

Arendorf is a qualified and admitted attorney, and a specialist in Labour Relations, so Printing SA believes she has a very strong grounding to build from. Printing SA are also pleased to announce that another dedicated human resource to service this segment of its operations, in both Labour Relations and Human Resources, has been identified and the new incumbent will start on 1 October 2020. This will further bolster the association’s efforts in giving members specialised and much needed.

In addition, a qualified and experienced Training Coordinator will also be appointed starting from 1 September  to deal with all specific training related needs members may have. Printing SA’s training calendar for 2020 has now been finalised and will be published on its website shortly. The training Calendar for 2021 will also appear by next month, giving members adequate time to register learners/employees to any F2F or online courses, both accredited and non-accredited, aligned to your work place skills plan and individual company needs.

The revamped website has also received many accolades from members, showing Printing SA’s renewed commitment to be of service to members as an industry association. This was particularly evident during the severe Covid-19 lockdown levels, where numerous members accessed the latest business information that was critical to their survival (such as TERS/ Essential Services requirements, etc). Printing SA was able to post regular updates on the member portal of the website.

The Cape Chamber Regional Executive Committee also has a number of vacancies Printing SA hope to fill, and there is now an opportunity for new members to serve voluntarily and become actively involved in all activities of the REC. Lucas McDowall was elected as the new Chairperson.

The Cape Chamber offices have also moved to a new location, now situated at Unit 101, Fairway Square, Fairway Close, Parow, Cape Town. These offices are now operational, have a better layout and are more modern, further enhancing your overall experience with Printing SA.


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