Printers Participate In The International Print Day Celebration


International Print Day, which took place on 8 October, is a global celebration where companies could engage in a ‘Tweet-Up’ where they could share dynamic, topical and relevant print news on their company’s Twitter account.

The goal of the Tweet-Up was for printing to trend worldwide and remind everyone that print is everywhere, even in their social media timelines, and that there is amazing stuff being created with print.

Printers used their social channels to share information related to Print and Integrated Marketing with the hashtag #IPD14.

Patrick Lacy, CEO of PRINTING SA, said, ‘October 8th has been designated as the International day of print. It is the day when people from every corner of the globe in every metropolis, city, town and village, celebrate the wonderful way that print enhances and interacts with their lives. Print touches all of our lives constantly and consistently. No matter your age, sex, colour, creed or status, we all interact with print throughout our day. That is not a revelation it is a reality.’

He said that throughout the day, we are faced with printed products, such as: packaging, street and directional signs and billboards, newspapers and magazines, leisure and text books, manuals, documents, notifications and illustrations and even the face of one’s watch. ‘It’s everywhere. Can you think of a moment in life when you don’t see print?’ asked Lacy.

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