Press Products has launched the latest generation Innostar HSP 360 high speed automatic punching machine. Designed as an affordable solution for on-demand printers where efficiency and productivity are a must, the HSP360 offers mid-volume automatic punching for preprinted, collated documents.

The HSP-360 has three cycle speeds allowing it to punch up to 32000 sheets per hour and comes with adjustable speed control. Three Point Joggers ensure accurate and precise paper position during punching cycle. 

Designed with the On-Demand market in mind, setup time and die changes are quick and easy. Various Interchangeable punching tools are available. Disengaging pins provide a clean punch for all document sizes by independently pulling out the correct pins.

Touch panel set up and hands free operation allows operator to perform other tasks while sheets are punched. With a small footprint the HSP-360 is assured to fit even in the tightest space.

The HSP-360 offers hands-free punching of pre-collated books, presentations and reports in a free-standing unit that makes quick, light work of your diverse punching needs. Simply load the tray, push a button and walk away. 

This machine fully complements Press Products existing broad range of punching and binding machines for Twin Wire, Plastikoil, comb and universal binding.

Features include:

– An industrial grade punch motor. The heavy-duty AC motor (750W) has thermal overload protection to prevent downtime. 

– Adjustable depth margin control provides documents with the correct punched depth margin for optimal paper thickness and wire diameter ratio.

– Three point joggers: ensure accurate and precise paper positioning during the punching cycle.

– Various interchangeable punching tools with fully disengaging pins. Quickly and easily change from one punch die to another. Fully disengaging pins provide a clean punch for all document sizes by independently pulling out the correct pins.

– Touch panel operation. 

– Adjustable punch speed. 

– High pile collection trolley.

– Punch speed: up to 60 strokes per minute. 

– Maximum paper size: 364 x 364mm.