Pentawards Live To Debut In Amsterdam


Packaging Innovations Netherlands and the Pentawards will collaborate to present a new event for the international packaging design community, to be held at the Passenger Terminal in Amsterdam on 13 February 2019.

Pentawards Live is a space where thought leaders and creative innovators across each pillar within the packaging value chain can convene. This dialogue is set up to better facilitate collaboration and push the boundaries of what is achievable in packaging on an international scale.

The Pentawards made its first appearance in The Netherlands with a dedicated Pentawards Conference and Winners’ Exhibit at the 2018 edition of Packaging Innovations Utrecht. The conference hosted sessions from world leaders in packaging design while the Winners’ Exhibit gave visitors the opportunity to be inspired by a global selection of award-winning design from the 2017 Pentawards competition.

Now it is time to take it to the next level. ‘The introduction of the Pentawards to the Dutch audience was well received, both visitors and exhibitors responded enthusiastically to this collaboration at Packaging Innovations Utrecht 2018. The Pentawards team in London were encouraged by this, which led to the idea of an international event. The focus would be on providing a platform where senior individuals in each discipline of packaging, including design, could meet and innovate more cohesively. We are honoured that the first edition of Pentawards Live will take place in our country’, said Irma de Hoon from Easyfairs, who also organises Packaging Innovations and Empack in The Netherlands. ’A visit to the Pentawards Ceremony in New York made us realise that the quality of Dutch packaging design is unbelievably high. By organising Pentawards Live, we can showcase this to the domestic and international community while also firmly putting The Netherlands on the map, as a global hub for packaging.’

The vision of Pentawards Live, ‘a place where design, brand and technology collide’ is all-encompassing, and will connect designs, brands and technologies together. Well known Dutch and international design agencies and innovative packaging experts will deliver presentations to attendees. ‘We want to present the pinnacle of creative design and expertise’, said de Hoon. ’This event in Amsterdam, the beating heart of Dutch design, will build bridges to new international markets and generate huge exposure for the Dutch packaging design industry.’

The event will be divided into three areas, each with a different theme and purpose: Connect, Inspire and Learn. The beating heart of the event will be Connect on the Main Deck of the Passenger Terminal, where the interaction between design agencies, brand owners, and packaging experts in materials and technology will take place in a carefully curated ‘exhibition style’ layout. The Promenade Deck will be dedicated to Inspire, where a selection of award-winning designs from the 2018 Pentawards competition will be displayed on the world renowned Pentawards Winner’s Exhibit. Learn will be delivered on the Panorama Deck, where the world’s greatest influencers in packaging will take the stage and challenge the international audience to think outside of the box.

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