Parkside Announces Recoflex-PE Recyclable Flexible Packaging


The Parkside Recoflex-PE is a unique fully recyclable single-polymer laminate for crisp, drink and tobacco packaging. The product is suitable for nuts and snacks, most cheeses, coffee, protein powders and nutrition packaging, as well as high-barrier lidding films for protein foods.

Parkside innovation director Phil O’Driscoll said, ‘Recoflex-PE is targeted at retailers and brand owners that have made commitments on sustainability and recyclability and is suitable for complicated packaging that can’t currently be recycled.’

The laminate is made from 100% polyethylene (PE), which enables the packaging material to be recovered via established carrier bag collection and recycling centres. Consumers can take it to retail stores with collection points. The laminate brings together two grades of PE, blending functionality with good printability and mechanical strength. It can be used for most flow wraps, pouches or bags that require a high barrier and are not designed for use in elevated temperatures. Recoflex-PE is available now for production trials with customers, with the first market launch expected following their conclusion.

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