Océ South Africa has launched the company’s latest generation of all-in-one document preparation software, PRISMAprepare version 6.1, which streamlines the make-ready process from composition to production.

The solution helps printing professionals accelerate production turnaround times, expand their capabilities, increase productivity and reduce operational costs – all while maintaining colour quality and consistency. In addition, the latest PRISMAprepare solution allows users to create and compose variable data printing (VDP) applications.

Hennie Kruger, DDS product and marketing manager at Océ South Africa, said, Customers will benefit from an open, all-in-one document preparation solution. PRISMAprepare v6.1 will transform the way printing professionals prepare documents for production, by streamlining document make-ready from composition through production.

Customers are demanding shorter run lengths and faster turnaround. Make-ready is one of the most time-consuming aspects of production work, which can kill profitability and customer satisfaction. By automating and simplifying this process, you can drastically cut your turnaround time and operational costs, while increasing your productivity and delivering faster services to satisfy the most demanding customers.

Designed for ultimate ease-of-use, Océ PRISMAprepare 6.1 provides a simplified interface that allows users of varying skill levels to navigate the prepress process without the need for a lengthy on-boarding process. The WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) preparation approach ensures that the on-screen layout matches the final printed product. From the position of staples to the location of fold lines, users can easily and quickly preview the exact look and design of a document before it is ever sent to the printer.

The latest version of Océ PRISMAprepare now includes VDP composition capabilities, such as adding specific content and graphics to each printed piece based on information in a linked database, so users can create simple VDP applications without having to open a specialised software application. The new VDP capability allows users to expand their offerings and support clients with highly targeted and personalised print communications; and eliminates the need for additional software in the prepress stage.

Océ PRISMAprepare 6.1 offers a variety of innovative capabilities that support every part of the make-ready process. This new version also offers end-to-end workflow based on open Adobe PDF standards and supports multiple PDF plug-ins. Print providers can take advantage of hot-folders to automate make-ready for repeat jobs, eliminating unnecessary steps so that make-ready processes are efficient and cost-effective. In addition, the automatic colour page recognition and colour splitting capabilities allow users to reduce operational costs by outputting documents in the most cost effective way.

The diverse and integrated colour management features of Océ PRISMAprepare 6.1 solution improves and simplifies colour services allowing users to ensure colour integrity and optimisation for print. This includes the ability to ensure consistent spot colour usage and modification of individual image tone, brightness, saturation, and colour reproduction prior to print. In addition colours can be replaced or changed with the click of a mouse. With the support of these features, print providers can easily prepare and optimise colour documents for high-quality colour printing.

The new version of PRISMAprepare software will release the full power of Océ and other third party production cut sheet printers, said Kruger.