Novus Print Acquires State-Of-The-Art Engraver


In response to the growing demands of the gravure industry, the HelioKlischograph K6 publication gravure machine, a state-of-the-art engraver, was designed with a host of innovative functions and represents a new generation of digital cylinder manufacture. Novus Print, a division of Novus Holdings has acquired the K6 at its printing facility in Montague Gardens.

This is the first-of-its-kind engraver in South Africa due to its advanced and innovative technology. Steve Thobela, Novus Print: Executive – South, said that this latest piece of equipment added to the company’s arsenal of high-tech printing machinery will offer the business a unique competitive advantage.

‘We are extremely proud to offer the market a new benchmark in publication printing engraving,’ said Thobela. ‘Novus Holdings is continually investing in cutting edge equipment to provide customers with superior quality printing.’ He added that the set-up of the fully automated machine was completed in May 2020, and customers are already experiencing its many benefits.

The K6 allows for fully transparent and more accurate production processes due to its complete online process control. With up to 18 channels, this system can produce up to 144 perfectly engraved pages with the added certainty of not having to factor in any time-consuming repeats. The machine can also start engraving within just two minutes after the final PDF pages are supplied, making it one of the fastest systems on the market.

Beneficial features of the K6 include:

Prepress – the new K6 technology offers an improved data resolution of up to five times better, achieving enhanced edge sharpness and detailed production.

Optimisation – gravure printing requires that fine texts and line elements be increased to improve legibility and appearance of the end product. Previously, this adjustment was completed manually in prepress, but thanks to intelligent software, it is now automatic, ensuring that the final product is optimised quickly, without sacrificing quality.

Calibration – a unique process allows the calibration to be more precise, resulting in a better and stronger colour match.

Engraving – special programmes take the engraving to the next level in terms of sharpness and detail.

‘In addition to offering customers the most advanced technology, we also invested in our people by sending three Novus Print employees from the Web department to Germany in January 2020 to receive training on the new K6,’ said Thobela. Clinton Lots (cylinder preparation artisan), Andre Rousseau (electronic pre-press artisan) and Stephen Faria (prepress manager) received comprehensive training from HELL Gravure Systems GmbH & Co. KG in Germany.

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