Northern Keoagile Printers Streamline Platemaking Process With Fujifilm LH-PJE Plates


After consultation with Kemtek Imaging Systems technical experts and account representative, Lucien Augustus, the prepress team at Roodepoort-based Northern Keoagile Printers replaced its existing plate range with Fujifilm LH-PJE plates, and installed a special ZAC Retrofit Kit to assist in producing a more streamlined and cost-effective platemaking process.

Kemtek Imaging Systems is the exclusive distributor in South Africa of the Fujifilm FLH-Z series of plate processors, designed for use with Fujifilm’s low chemistry range of thermal CTP plates. Each processor in the range incorporates Fujifilm’s unique intelligent ‘ZAC’ microprocessor control system.

‘Previous to purchasing the ZAC Retrofit kit, we were using a top-up developer, which was lasting less than six weeks,’ commented Donovan Cannon, DTP manager for Northern Keoagile Printers.

‘However, since using the UNI814 developer, we only had to change the chemical bath in March. This equated to ten litres overall use per month, instead of our usual 80 litres per month. Now that we don’t have to drop the bath every four weeks, we can make more than 2000 plates without any downtime, plus we’re realising a much cleaner process and significant cost reductions. Furthermore, Kemtek Imaging Systems’ technical service team continues to provide its full support and expertise in ensuring everything runs smoothly on a daily basis.’

Just around the corner from Northern Printers, the team at Blesston Printers (part of the Bidvest group of companies) are also realising a significant improvement in prepress productivity since adopting Fujifilm plates.

‘When we changed over to Fujifilm last year, Kemtek partnered with us to ensure we had the most efficient platemaking process. This included a comprehensive clean-up of our existing Screen Platerite 8600s CtP system that was extremely run down – some of the pipes showed chemistry that had solidified. Our rollers were also in a poor condition before they received a fresh set-up by Kemtek’s fully-qualified technical team,’ remarked prepress manager, Anthony Britto.

‘Since implementing our new system, we have experienced very little downtime, allowing us to improve our platemaking productivity by 75%. With the Lo-Chem Fujifilm technology, we’re saving litres of water per month, which is significantly reducing our costs.’

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