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06 February 2019

IST Introduces Narrow Web Label LED UV System

IST Introduces Narrow Web Label LED UV System
The new LEDcure SCR LED UV system can be retrofitted to narrow web label presses and the modular system can be tailored to all rotary and flexo presses with a scalable width of 90 to 540mm.

IST (UK) jointly developed the new system with sister company ITL - both are part of the IST Metz Group. The package includes cables, power supply, control and chiller, full light shielding and interlocking for total safety compliance.

Simon Mitchell, joint managing director of IST (UK) alongside Chris Schofield said, ’Our existing hybrid system enables users to print with conventional UV, and then if you decided to switch to LED at a later time, you could switch the lamp head using the cassette to LED UV. But LEDcure SCR is a dedicated LED system that can actually be retrofitted onto a machine to convert a press to LED 100%. It’s like an add-on system. You don’t need cabinets and all of the infrastructure for things like cassette holdings and housings, so it is more economical.’

‘There’s an adjustment to move on from conventional UV inks to LED UV inks – there is a slight increase in cost – but benefits include energy reduction and the amount of spare parts and consumables is reduced significantly. So a cost analysis can quickly reveal that there is a cost saving to be had,’ concluded Mitchell.