New Xerox Vivid Toner Kits Open Up Expanded Possibilities In Specialty Printing


The Xerox Adaptive CMYK+ Kit adds shiny metallics, bold whites and glowing fluorescent colours to a Versant® 180 or PrimeLink® C9000 Series press, extending a user’s palette to more than a million colours using 11 new toners.

This provides more opportunity to bring ideas to life, more ways to get printed pieces noticed, opens the door to the fast growing, high margin specialty Beyond CMYK printing market, and sets users apart from the competition.

The availability of the Adaptive CMYK+ Kits on the Versant® 180 and PrimeLink® C9000 Series extends the Beyond CMYK capability across Xerox’s product range. Without replacing their presses, thousands of Versant 180 and PrimeLink C9000 Series owners can now offer print pieces that grab even more attention.

Specialty printing is one of the fastest-growing digital segments, opening up expanded possibilities for designers, printers, and print buyers. Now users can add enhancements to print jobs, reaching new, lucrative markets without sacrificing the benefits of short-run digital printing. Adaptive CMYK+ technology provides an affordable entry point into high-value print enhancements, letting users realise new profit potential from their Versant® investment.

With just a few simple steps, and in about ten minutes, users remove their CMYK toner set and replace it with one of two self-contained, swappable multi-toner kits.

The Vivid Kit delivers:

– A versatile White Toner.
– Eye-catching metallic Gold and Silver Toners
– An elegant Clear Toner.

The Fluorescent Kit includes:

– Fluorescent Cyan, Fluorescent Magenta, and Fluorescent Yellow Toners. These allow users to capture and command attention with high impact fluorescent blends that expand their colour palette and print opportunities.

You can even print a CMYK job, or swap in the Vivid or Fluorescent Kit – adding fluorescent or metallic embellishments in a second pass for stunning eye-grabbing results. There is no need for toner or sheet purges between Kit swaps.

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