New GMG Solutions Address Broader User Base For Different Areas Of Graphic Arts Industry


The three new GMG ColorServer solutions contain the award-winning profiling technology GMG OpenColor, which is both simple and intuitive to use – even more so with GMG SmartProfiler. Custom profiles are easily created to allow for unusual paper tones or adapting to printing processes such as flexo print. Another advantage is the central colour database. The information stored here is not only used for data preparation, it can also be called up by GMG ColorProof.

‘We basically work very closely with our clients,’ said Peter Schoeffler, responsible Product Manager at GMG. ‘Customer feedback has shown that we can support users with different challenges much better with three tailor-made solutions. From now on, we are targeting the following market segments: conventional printing, digital printing with both CMYK and Multicolour presses, and we are addressing customers who print cross-process using spot colours – primarily from the packaging industry.’ GMG ColorServer delivers automation and consistent results for all three segments.

GMG ColorServer Conventional primarily ensures the efficient handling of third-party data – both in commercial printing and in CMYK packaging printing. Different input data are converted to any desired industry standard using the superior MX technology via a hot folder. As an integrated technology, GMG OpenColor also enables conversion to accommodate paper types that are not covered by common industry- or individual house standards. The functionality of GMG InkOptimizer is also part of the solution – saving ink and stabilising the print process.

GMG ColorServer Multicolor primarily addresses users in the packaging industry. Digital printing is becoming increasingly important here. Instead of using spot colours, brand colours must now be displayed with a fixed ink set. ‘To achieve consistent results across all processes – digital and conventional – there is no way around GMG ColorServer Multicolor,’ explained Peter Schoeffler. ‘Jobs can now print on any press available, delivering welcome flexibility in the pressroom. And Multicolor creates opportunities: achieving increased vibrancy in images or accurately matching brand colours.’ In addition to qualitative aspects, GMG also underlines the economic benefits of the new generation GMG ColorServer. GMG promises to contribute significantly to increase the capacity of digital printing presses with GMG ColorServer and to define the future of the entire industry with Multicolor.

GMG ColorServer Digital is aimed at customers with digital four-colour presses. Large format users and customers who work in the low-volume packaging sector, in commercial digital or in personalised printing are addressed here. With the seamlessly integrated GMG SmartProfiler, digital printing machines can now be fingerprinted very easily. And thanks to the direct connection to GMG OpenColor, users benefit from the patented and award-winning profiling technology based on spectral measurement data.

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