New Baumer hhs Tesla Revolutionises Hot Melt Application


The tesla electromagnetic hot melt application head from Baumer hhs has been designed for hot melt application in the packaging industry.

The new application head series is suitable for use in many applications, driven via the known control devices from Baumer hhs from Xtend² and Xpect series, and also directly from your PLC.

For the first time there is also a version for use with third-party systems.

The use of tesla high-speed leads to a marked reduction in production costs due to eliminating compressed air and the very long service life of the application head of up to one billion switching operations. Controlled via the Baumer hhs Controller, tesla high-speed permits extremely fast switching cycles of 600 Hz.

The tesla red, a 24V electromagnetic hot melt application head, replaces the electropneumatic hot melt application heads commonly found on the market by simply switching the heads on existing machines. The numerous benefits of tesla red can easily be integrated in the regular production process without making any major investments.

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