Muller Martini Enhances Connex With Variable Data Printing


Muller Martini introduced and demonstrated how variable data production runs can be processed using the SigmaLine digital book manufacturing system. Building on its global success in the publishing book market, SigmaLine now fits well with production in the much more complex commercial book segments, such as healthcare, financial, brochures, customised text books and many other variable book content applications.

Connex, Muller Martini’s proven proprietary data and process management workflow system, now features newly developed Variable Data Printing (VDP) modules that seamlessly integrate into SigmaLine. Companies that currently produce predominantly in batches can now also produce short and ultra-short runs with the same high quality of page assembly and print finishing.

The new Connex modules are:
• Variable-Production. This module enables products with different content or a different page count to be produced in one production run. The signatures are tracked using barcodes, and Connex monitors the production process, including feedback, to a high-level production system.
• Variable-Imposition. This digital page assembly component, which builds on the previous module, enables both normal PDF data and PDF/VT data for variable printing to be printed and imposed using Connex. Intelligent barcodes are placed on every signature for tracking production through the line and for automatically reproducing missing products following the production run.
• Variable-Bundle. In addition to the Variable-Production and Variable-Imposition modules, this module pre-bundles books selectively in the SigmaCollator. As an example, with this unique worldwide function, all the books of a student can be produced and collated, eliminating time-consuming hand sorting of products.

Today’s brand managers are designing innovative, personalised campaigns that reflect a customer’s highly specific preferences and needs, which is why Variable Data Printing goes far beyond the printing of a customer name on a product. Moreover, response rates and the return on investment for VDP campaigns are typically significantly higher than the rates of conventional efforts.

Through these powerful VDP enhancements, Muller Martini is helping to facilitate the unprecedented opportunities offered by VDP to printers and binderies around the globe.

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