Muller Martini Announces Upcoming Installation Of Binder And Casing-In Solutions

Muller Martini Announces Upcoming Installation Of Binder And Casing-In Solutions
Elie Hamaty, Middle East Graphics, Lebanon; Shakir Alrubaiawi, Barzayar; Hans Leuenberger, Muller Martini and Enrico Farinacci, Muller Martini.

The Vareo PRO is an ideal binder for print finishing specialists and printing plants that use conventional printing modes or are engaged in digital printing. The EMP 513 casing-in machine is suitable for casing-in straight and rubbed-down book blocks at up to 30 cycles per minute. Barzayar in the Iraqi capital Baghdad is modernising its machine park with a Vareo PRO perfect binder and an EMP 513 casing-in machine from Muller Martini.

Founded in 2004 and employing 140 people, the print shop and bookbindery specialises in books and commercial printing. Previously involved exclusively in softcover production – with the Iraqi Ministry of Education and Health as its main customers – it is now expanding its range to include hardcover books. The book blocks will be produced on the Vareo PRO and inserted into the EMP 513.

‘We do not currently have any Muller Martini equipment,’ said Managing Director Shakir Alrubaiawi. ‘But I know that Muller Martini stands for high quality, excellent service and technologically leading systems. I was able to see this for myself during my visit to the factory in Zofingen. The Vareo PRO and the EMP 513 are exactly the right machines for us, not only for today, but also for the future.’

According to Alrubaiawi, another argument in favour of the Vareo PRO was ‘that it is very flexible with regard to a wide variety of book forms and can be easily expanded to meet future market requirements. In addition, the books are produced in the highest quality, just as with the highly automated EMP 513.’

Despite current global supply chain and transportation issues, Barzayar will start up the two new lines shortly.

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