Meteor Launches Industrial Inkjet RIP Solution


Powered by Harlequin, eLab Pro builds upon the success of Meteor’s eLab, an essential RIP configuration tool. Designed for developers of industrial inkjet systems, eLab Pro works seamlessly with Meteor’s inkjet printhead drive electronics and software, offering an attractive, intuitive graphical user interface with the ability to command the RIP directly from the print controller or printer Digital Front End (DFE).

Including an out-of-the box DFE and a comprehensive set of ready-made configurations such as QR code generation with variable data imposition, print system builders can be up and running in minutes. ELab Pro delivers integrated, ultra-fast access to ScreenPro, a multi-level screening engine developed by sister company Global Graphics Software that corrects inkjet print imperfections, and MetCal, wizard-driven software that automates printer calibration and runs Meteor’s exclusive nozzle-out compensation technologies. ELab Pro also works alongside popular VDP PDF products, including Harlequin VariData, STEPZ by Hybrid Software and Variegator by Xitron.

Operating efficiently on the same PC as MetPrint or any DFE running Meteor’s PrintEngine, eLab Pro can significantly reduce the cost of computing power and switches for industrial print applications. Used together with a spectrophotometer (not included) and ICC profile creation software such as that provided by ColorLogic or X-Rite, colour management and precision spot colour matching capabilities are available. For the ultimate in high-speed book printing or adding variable data to labels and packaging, eLab Pro is available with Meteor’s Scalable RIP Farm where multiple RIPS run in parallel.

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