MBO Introduces 12 Postpress Lines


The MBO Group showed 12 different finishing lines, including the new LeMans and Monza Signature Production Systems; the K8-RS Digi-Folder – the world's fastest folder; the latest module for digital web finishing and new delivery systems.

The company also presented its exclusive, Customer Advantage Programme (CAP). CAP formalises the company's proven, full-scale production assessment and set of recommendations that substantially optimise postpress configurations for digital, offset, and specialty workflows.

The MBO Group exhibited at drupa from 31 May – 10 June 2016.

New Equipment and Postpress Lines

Postpress operations can now add the world's fastest folder to any production line, whether digital or offset, with the next generation K8-RS Digi-Folder. The MBO Group pioneered the highly cost-effective, modular approach that gives printers the ability to mix-and-match postpress equipment.

New: The Fastest Folder is Now Modular

The world's fastest folder, MBO's web-fed K8-RS Digi-Folder, made its drupa debut by demonstrating the speed and versatility of MBO's exclusive modular approach to finishing.

The K8-RS Digi-Folder is the latest module to be added to MBO's web-finishing product mix. Based on the K8-RS High Speed Folding System, the K8-RS Digi-Folder is a folding module that brings the advantages of MBO's RS (rapid speed) technology to the web-finishing market. With unprecedented speed and automation, this module is ideal for printers running short, medium, or long run signature applications from any web up to 76,2cm (30 inches) wide. As with most MBO web-finishing modules, the K8-RS Digi-Folder can be configured inline or nearline, with a wide range of other MBO modules and deliveries.  

The High-Speed Web Book, Magazine and Catalogue Finishing System line, featuring the K8-RS Digi-Folder module from MBO was running live at drupa 2016. This particular adaptation of the K8-RS platform is specifically engineered for digital book block production and/or analog signature production.

Specialty solutions from MBO Subsidiary Herzog+Heymann

Four lines at this year's show highlighted specialty finishing systems from MBO's subsidiary, Herzog+Heymann. Creasing and grooving finishing technology, a Vario packaging line for merging individual sheets, and new pharmaceutical postpress technology were on display.

The highly flexible Stamina line, a folding carton system with an integrated rotary die cutter, was exhibited. By combining the rotary die cutting and folder-gluer processes, printers gain the ability to produce ‘nickless’ folding cartons in one pass, eliminating the need for additional production steps like refining. The combination also eliminates transfers and staging between the die cutting and folder-gluer processes because this occurs inline, giving printers a streamlined folding-carton process.

The Stamina line also features an integrated camera system that can match pre-printed inserts to the folding carton job, greatly improves job integrity as it practically eliminates the possibility of accidental job mixing. 

New Delivery Systems

A postpress system can only run as fast as the operator is able to handle the finished product, making delivery system technology critical to the postpress process. This is why the MBO Group has developed three new delivery systems, which are engineered to make the operator's job easier.

These stacking delivery systems from MBO feature a wide range of postpress technology, including automatic format recognition, automated sheet ejection, and an ergonomically designed delivery table for easy access and product handling. Thanks to MBO's modular approach to postpress, each of these deliveries is compatible with many different MBO modules. 

New delivery systems unveiled at drupa 2016 included:

A10 Log Stacker: paired with the LeMans and Monza folding systems, the A10 Log Stacker makes it easy for operators to handle high-volume signature production at high-speeds by bundling signatures together in an easy to handle log. Its intuitive design and automated features make the A10 extremely operator-friendly, so much so that one operator could effectively manage two finishing systems equipped with the A10 Log Stacker.

A700 Automated Stacker: configured at drupa inline with the M80 Flexible Folding System, the A700 Delivery is a highly versatile delivery system ideal for signatures, direct mail, and any number of commercial postpress applications.

A7-Digital Signature Stacking Delivery: the A7-Digital Signature Stacking Delivery is designed specifically for the digital postpress market, and is ideal for book block or signature applications. By spot gluing along the spine, the A7-Digital delivers glued book blocks that maintain integrity when being handled in subsequent processes.  

New High Speed Signature Processing Lines

LeMans and Monza: High Speed Signature Processing

Both systems are for printers running high-volume signature applications. The all new A10 Log Stacker is paired with these machines to allow operators the ability to run at higher speeds by building banded signature bundles at the delivery stage, making it much easier for one operator to keep up with the production of a high-speed system. 

LeMans: developed from scratch, the LeMans Signature Processing System features the all new K10 Folder inline with an A10 Log Stacking Delivery. The MBO LeMans system represents the pinnacle of industrialized signature folding production. It is for companies that run high volumes (more than 75 million). LeMans can fold signatures at speeds more than 20000 sheets per hour, fully automated.

Monza: developed off the K8-RS high-speed folder, the Monza Signature Processing System takes signature folding one-step farther than its predecessor by pairing the K8-RS technology with the A10 Log Stacking Delivery System.

Also on display was MBO M80 technology; MBO Buckle Folding Machines; MBO Combi Folding Machines like the new K70; and more.

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