Markzware Announces New Software Update


The new version of IDMarkz (v1.5.7) has the added ability to export Adobe InDesign document stories as TXT, RTF or HTML, and can also convert InDesign to IDML, without previewing.

It also features improved text wrap settings, as well as the wait on the alert about file modification or deletion until the application becomes active. IDMarkz now displays more master page items in the previews, chains text in multi-column boxes, and more seamlessly opens IDML in Affinity Publisher via the Automation feature.

IDMarkz allows users to take control of their creations by giving them the ability to preview InDesign files and the power to move those documents to their preferred editing applications within QuarkXPress, Affinity Publisher, older Adobe InDesign versions, Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, and many other formats.

Markzware helps to democratise InDesign content, for use in many popular desktop publishing applications. Users can open, preview, export, convert and automate the conversion of Adobe InDesign (.indd) files. IDMarkz uses its own engine and technology to generate high-resolution file previews, without the need for the Adobe InDesign application or Creative Cloud subscription requirements and costs.

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