Linx Printing Technologies Upgrades 8900 CIJ Series Printers


The enhancements mean the Linx 8900 Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) series printers are now capable of producing faster print speeds; printing over longer throw distances; mistake-proof date code changes and quicker message editing; and ultimately, greater production output.

The series’ features facilitate faster, mistake-proof message choices. When a message is selected or updated, the operator simply selects from a pre-defined range of dates that are suitable for the product being coded, so there is no need to edit dates manually, making editing quick and easy.
Further ensuring faster message input with fewer mistakes is the upgraded Linx 8900 series’ new field insert option. This means that, when part of a message is inserted, edited, or deleted, the remaining parts of the message move intelligently to best present the code – a feature that is particularly useful when coding longer messages onto cables.

John Tierney, Marketing Director at Linx Printing Technologies said, ’We’re delighted to be announcing these upgrades to the Linx 8900 series, which offer excellent new benefits to businesses across the food, dairy, contract packaging, beverage, and cabling, wiring, and extrusion industries. This is an example of how we continually strive to evolve our existing product ranges in order to remain the best option for any company that needs to code onto products.’

The enhancements also mean print speeds are faster – by as much as 33% for one-line, seven drop-high print, now up to 440 metres per minute. This means that high-speed production lines can now achieve higher resolution printing without compromising speed.

New print formats, designed to print at 40mm throw distances, provide clear codes even when the printhead cannot get close to the product being coded – ideal for coding onto extrusions and irregular shaped products.

Additional benefits include date rounding, to meet company-specific date coding conventions; field justification for better code fits; extended communications protocols to control the coders via PCs or PLCs, and the availability of Linx’s ultra-fast-drying 1405 ink for use with Midi plus printheads to provide larger print on fast-moving products.

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