Komori Installation Expands Packaging Applications

Komori Installation Expands Packaging Applications
Hamdi Kaymak, Aras Makina; Tamaz Sharikadze; Sharavandi; Serkan Araz, Aras Makina and Ulrich Sause, Komori International (Europe) BV.

Georgia-based company Sharavandi Flexo and Offset Printing House makes up ninety percent of all value-added non-stick label and packaging manufacturing in the region. Their new Komori G40 offers the opportunity to target the market of medicine boxes as well.

It has been seven years since Georgia’s and Sharavandi’s first investment in a new B1 format press, the Komori Lithrone G40. This six colour configuration with coater and H-UV drying technology has been groundbreaking for Tamaz Sharikadze, the owner of Sharavandi Flexo and Offset Printing House. Last month, Sharikadze placement an order for yet another Komori, now a new Komori Lithrone G640+C Advance with H-UV. Komori distributor Aras Grup received the order for Sharavandi’s second B1-size six-colour configuration, with enhanced capabilities thanks to many automation options.

Sharavandi is a typical Komori customer. The first machine purchased from Aras Grup in 2007 marked a milestone for them, signalling the start of an era where they have preferred brand new machinery for investment. This was followed by B2- and B1-size Komori offset printing presses. Aras Makina has become the trustworthy partner to aid in their journey for new investments.

With his fourth order for a new Komori in the pipeline, Sharikadze commented on why he chose this brand: ‘It’s a very solid machine, we have never experienced any significant service issues. The Komori we bought seven years ago runs 16 hours a day. The new machine incorporates many features and options we need. Furthermore we have a great working relationship with Aras Grup — should there be any problems, they are right on it. It is clear that we need to go for highly automated machines to keep our competitive edge. The new Komori Lithrone G40 Advance will definitely meet these requirements.’

Sharikadze also explained why they needed a new investment, ‘Two years ago, we bought a 1650mm extruder and a 1650mm flexo printing machine to be used in packaging printing, followed by purchases of slicing, cutting and lamination machines. We also bought two cutting machines for producing bags to hold products like napkins. Once we were done with flexo investments, we felt the need to buy an offset machine again and placed an order. Our machine will be here in about six to seven months.’

This new press incorporates all the latest updates and upgrades. With a very stable performance, the press prints on dimensions up to 750 x 1050mm with a speed of 16,500sph, both on conventional ink as with H-UV. With many options standardly equipped on the Advance Series, the press offers exceptional ROI characteristics. A good example is the ‘Air Preset’ technology, with which it is possible to save all air settings at the inlet and outlet. When the same job runs again, these settings can be automatically retrieved, saving time and resources.

Komori also added soft and hardware called ‘PDF Comparator’. This technology checks PDF files on the press. It compares the pre-print PDF data with the printed substrate and produces a report. Thanks to a specialised scanner working on the colour reading and management system, PDC-SX, the substrate currently being printed on can be fully scanned and the gathered information can be compared with the memory, enabling an automatic check on both text and colour settings.

Sharavandi mainly operates in the labelling industry and manufactures packaging in the Georgian market. With this new investment, they are also targeting the manufacture of medicine boxes. The machine, integrated with PDF Comparator, will check the text on medicine boxes down to the tiniest detail, providing an extra layer of safety.

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