Koenig & Bauer Redesign Packaging And Display Innovation


The Klingele Group, an independent manufacturer of corrugated base paper and corrugated cardboard packaging, and Koenig & Bauer, have now reached a new milestone with the factory acceptance testing of a newly developed CorruCUT high board line rotary die-cutter by Klingele after conducting a test phase with the prototype.

Koenig & Bauer completely redesigned the highly productive 6-colour machine in close cooperation with Klingele and adapted it to specific market and production demands. The CorruCUT was installed and put into production in Klingele’s Delmenhorst plant in August. The engineering design, the print quality achieved and the implementation of the operating concept not only impressed Klingele, but also received very positive feedback from visitors from the corrugated board industry worldwide.

Klingele will use the new machine to target market segments with high demands in terms of the print image and process reliability in packaging. These include, in particular, brand name companies, but also food manufacturers using packaging as an advertising medium at the point of sale.

The technical specifications of the new CorruCUT are geared precisely to these exacting demands: In addition to its print quality, it offers high accuracy in printing and die-cutting, thus significantly reducing waste and increasing resource efficiency. With a working width of 2.80 metres and a feed rate of 12,000 units per hour, the CorruCUT is extremely efficient; large packaging and displays are also easier to produce.

The machine has a rollerless infeed, so the sheets of corrugated board are fed gently into the machine to protect the material. The vacuum roll handling within the CorruCUT also ensures a significant reduction in wear and therefore less machine downtime and lower costs for spare parts. Automated data analyses will enable preventive machine maintenance in the future, thus avoiding unexpected failures.

The development partnership between Klingele and Koenig & Bauer is a win-win for both sides: Koenig & Bauer is now increasing its commitment in a growing market for corrugated board converting machines with Klingele as an exclusive partner. The partnership in turn gave Klingele the chance to actively support the development of the new rotary die-cutter from the outset, thus ensuring that the machine fully meets the demands of the market.

‘Koenig & Bauer has implemented the concept and technical innovations very well. The results that we have now seen in Würzburg have impressed us,’ stated Dr. Jan Klingele, managing partner of the Klingele Group.

Christoph Müller, member of the executive board at Koenig & Bauer, said, In the last two years, we have continuously built up a new team and consistently worked on the development of the machine.’

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