Koenig & Bauer Announces New Unit Features For High-Board Line Rotary Die-Cutter

Koenig & Bauer Announces New Unit Features For High-Board Line Rotary Die-Cutter

Easy access to the new Rotary Die-Cut unit provides for fast and straightforward tool changes. The open design not only improves ergonomics for the operator, but also enables efficient removal of the die-cut waste. The new Rotary Die-Cut unit with automatic changeover system for the CorruCUT High-Board Line Rotary Die-Cutter from Koenig & Bauer gives a considerable boost to productivity.

This innovative enhancement allows a die-cut cylinder that is not in use to be set up for a subsequent job during the current production run. The downtime between jobs is reduced significantly.

‘We paid particular attention to ergonomic handling of the new Rotary Die-Cut unit and have implemented the best possible working conditions for the operator,’ said Hartmut Breunig, head of product management at Koenig & Bauer Digital & Webfed.

The function ‘Easy Job Change’, which provides for highly automated preparation of a subsequent job, takes pressure off the operator by enabling full configuration of the coming job changeover while the current production is still running. As soon as the job is completed, makeready begins and the machine is set up for the new production run. This could include washing down, anilox roll changes and format conversion in all units, for example – without any intervention by the operator. With the new Presettable Rotary Die-Cutter, fully automated job changeovers are possible. The multitude of new developments has achieved yet another significant increase in the productivity of the CorruCUT. Previously established features, such as the control system for die-cutting contour based on single out production for separate control of the outs length in each row, are also available for the Presettable Rotary Die-Cut unit.

As a further unique selling point, the Presettable Rotary Die-Cut unit has been designed in a way that allows it to be retrofitted at any later date, provided this option was planned in the original configuration.

The automation and digitalisation features distinguish the CorruCUT high board line rotary die-cutter as a highly competitive means of production for the corrugated board industry. Koenig & Bauer executive board member Christoph Müller, ‘We have arrived on the market for direct printing on corrugated board and aim to further expand our market position with even more innovative ideas.’


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