Koenig And Bauer Announce New UV Coater For C16


The new UV coater from Koenig and Bauer offers production speeds of up to 60,000rph, high automation, simple and self-explanatory operation, the stability of a printing unit, automatic cleaning at the push of a button and anilox roller change within a few minutes.

Whether for the full-solid finishing of covers or as spot coating for the partial finishing of printed images, the coating unit is already being used successfully by customers. A compact UV dryer is integrated into the superstructure after the coating unit to enable the widest possible range of paper substrates to be processed.

The UV coater processes substrates with a grammage of between 60g/sqm-250g/sqm. Between 2 and 5g/sqm of coating is applied depending on the anilox roller.

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