Kodak Launches Electra Max Thermal Plates And Trendsetter Platesetter


Kodak is maximising plate performance and improving the sustainability of its customers’ operations with the launch of the Kodak Electra Max Thermal Plates and Kodak Trendsetter Q2400/Q3600 Platesetter.

Kodak’s new Electra Max Plate offers maximum capabilities for printers, such as long unbaked run lengths, strong chemical resistance, and 10-micron FM and 450lpi AM resolution capabilities. These versatile thermal plates are suitable for use in a diverse range of printing environments including offset packaging, web publication, commercial sheetfed, and demanding UV or H-UV applications. Dubbed the ‘No Compromise’ plate, the Electra Max Plate delivers low developer consumption and long run lengths with no preheat requirements, ideal for customers looking to boost performance while reducing their environmental impact.

Kodak is also enhancing the capabilities of its platesetter portfolio with the Trendsetter Q2400/Q3600 Platesetter. This solution features the award winning Kodak SquareSpot Imaging Technology, delivering dependable accuracy regardless of plate emulsion sensitivity, processor variation and laser power. This increased efficiency enables customers to reduce imaging power consumption up to 27 per cent while reducing costs due to fewer remakes and less time adjusting for variables.

With the new Trendsetter Q2400/Q3600 Platesetter, Kodak is underscoring its commitment to innovation in computer-to-plate technology. Customers can now increase throughput with large format plates that can image from 394 x 394mm up to 1600 x 2083mm. The manual device is versatile enough to image a large range of plate sizes from two pages to some of the largest offset plate sizes available. It easily handles a variety of applications such as packaging, directories and other large format applications. It can also be used as a back-up machine to handle overflow of automated platesetters. The versatility allows customers to differentiate and grow their businesses through high-resolution printing.

Compatibility with Electra Max Plates and Kodak Sonora XP Process Free Plates further extends sustainability strategies, as both plates allow customers to remove all or a portion of the chemistry, water, energy, waste and VOCs from plate making. Kodak is the only supplier that owns the technology for the platesetter, plates, and workflow, providing its customers with an integrated and unified solution.

‘With today’s technology, it’s not only possible but expected that businesses remain competitive while taking steps to be environmentally responsible,’ said Brad Kruchten, president, Print Systems Division and senior vice president, Eastman Kodak Company. We support our customers as they strive to meet those expectations, while delivering the high performance capabilities critical to their business. The core of everything we do has revolved around efficiency and sustainability since our first recycling program that repurposed the silver used to make film in the 1920’s. It continues today as we provide a holistic approach that offers more value and productivity with less of an environmental impact.’

The Electra Max Plate will be generally available in early 2016. The Trendsetter Q2400/Q3600 Platesetter is available now.

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